The Wool Lodge


The french toilet corner for elegant cats

Order it now, it will be delivered for Christmas!

With the WOOL LODGE, the cat’s needs for comfort and our design expectations are joined in only one product.

So We asked Tim Defleur, the talented designer from Lille (France), to dream up the ultimate toilet corner : a safe space as natural as possible that camouflages harmoniously the cat’s litter box.  

You can also use it as a pet bed.

  • Blanc Champagne
  • Gris Souris
  • Gris Anthracite
  • Ivoire
Delivered between 1st and 15th December 2018

Our designer dreamed up for us a simple product, easy-to-use and beautiful for your home.

The Wool Lodge is made up of 2 parts: a roof and a wood base.

THE ROOF. Cut by hand in a workshop in the center of France, the roof is a sheep merino wool felted. This natural roof has miraculous properties ;

- Anti-odors : merino wool contains “lanolin”, with anti-bacterial properties. Ventilated by the material, the smell of soiled litter does not stagnate inside. Both you and your cat will be thrilled.

- anti-stain treated, you just have to brush it.

- waterproof : this high-quality material can absorb one third of its weight in water without appearing wet. 

- Mérino Wool felt is also prized for its acoustic, anti-static and thermoregulatory properties (colder in summer, warmer in winter).

- Biodegradable   

Designed for everyday use, the roof opens easily on the sides for accessibility and to clean the litter tray as often as needed. For your cat’s comfort, it safely enter from the front via a step.

THE BASE. It is Birch plywood. This simple base can be assembled or disassembled in less than one minute, without nails or screws (and so safe). It fits together seamlessly.

Flat pack delivery

Simple but also practical, the Wool Lodge is mobile too ; When disassembled and flat-packed, the Wool Lodge has a thickness of only 10 cm (3,9’’). This makes it possible to take it everywhere, on holiday or to the hotel. This is fundamental, as we know that animals are very attached to their territory. 

Something else? 

 Yes. When you want, the Wool Lodge turns into a cocoon for your cat or small dog. Simply replace your plastic litter tray with the cushion. For a zen-like bubble isolated from noise and extreme temperatures.

IMPORTANT : The Wool Lodge has the primary function of classy hiding your basic cat litter box or tray (which is usually plastic). This box or tray must be maximum 17,4" by 15,6" by 4,7" (see the picture)

schema dimensions

If you don’t have a litter tray yet, we can easily refer you to several e-commerce websites offering this type of products with adequate dimensions for less than 10 euros.

Data sheet

100% Laine de Mérinos feutrée, contreplaqué de bouleau
4,8 kg
Dimensions globales
L : 56 cm ; l : 40 cm ; H : 45 cm
Dimensions intérieures
L : 44 cm ; l : 40 cm ; Hmax : 32 cm
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